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'What to expect at your first visit with us..."

We understand that taking the time to get to know one another is the first step, and is our priority during this first initial exam/consultation appointment. In order to make the most of your appointment time, we have a few basic forms (Health history; Contact Info; Insurance info, etc) that we ask you to complete either prior to your visit or plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early to fill out the p­aper work. During your initial consult/exam, we want to sit down, talk and listen to you. It is very important to us to find out what your biggest dental concerns, goals & expectations are and how we can help you.

In addition to getting to know you, and you getting to know us, a full comprehensive examination and consultation of any/all findings with you can be expected. Depending on a multitude of factors (such as when your last cleaning was, any previous periodontal issues, etc) a cleaning may or may not be completed at this first appointment.

The comprehensive exam consists of: digital radiographs, intraoral pictures on any teeth of concern, jaw (TMJ) exam, oral cancer screening exam, gingival/periodontal exam (your gums & oral bone levels) and a check for cavities. Once Dr. Mulder has become familiar with your teeth, health, & your dental concerns- she will recommend appropriate treatment to help you achieve and maintain a happy, healthy smile for years to come. An important detail we'd like to point out is that all radiographs taken in our office are digital. This means that the x-ray images appear instantly on the computer screen moments after being taken- greatly reducing the amount of time it takes for the patient as well as producing images with much higher definition, clarity and allowing for more accurate diagnosing & treatment planning. Another important benifit of digital radiographs is the nearly 80% reduction in exposure to radiation in comparison to traditional x-rays.

Questions or Comments? We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest about our services.